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For this assignment, you will write a scope statement and create a work breakdown structure (WBS) in outline format for a project of your choice. It could be building a shed, preparing your taxes, planning a trip (or wedding or other event), planning your family’s meals for the week, mapping out a spring cleaning project, making a pizza (and its various components), or a project from your work or from another class. I am open to just about anything, provided your WBS includes at least three levels and at least 15 to 20 items, including the project, subdeliverables, milestones, and work packages. Details: Start by writing a scope statement as described in chapter 4. Use the "Snapshot" on page 105 and the descriptions on pages 102-103 to guide your work. Keep your statement to no more than a single page (the Snapshot is a good example of the level of depth I'm looking for here). Levels and length: In the same document, create your work breakdown structure. You do not necessarily have to decompose each subdeliverable all the way down to the work package, but I do want to see at least one area of your outline decomposed all the way down to the work package. Coding: Use the coding system described in this week's reading and video. Format: Your WBS should be in outline format, as shown in this week's video. If you are savvy with working with outlines in Microsoft Word, please use Word. If not, use a text editor such as Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac). Text editors won't attempt to autonumber or indent the list items. Just type the numbers yourself and use tabs or spaces to indent where appropriate.

Reference no: EM131232280

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