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Create, using NetBeans, a complete Java program called PatternMakerWithMethods according to the following guidelines.

The program prompts the user for five input values: an integer value between 1 and 10 (inclusive) for the number of rows to be printed, a second integer value between 1 and 10 (inclusive) for the number of columns to be printed, a string value for the starting string of the pattern, a string value for the second string of the pattern, and a string value that separates the first two strings.

The program must use nested for loops to print a rectangular array ofalternatingfirst and second strings of the pattern, separated by the separator string and such that the first string in the first row uses the "first string" provided by the user, buteach subsequent row alternates the starting stringbetween the "second string" the user provided and the "first string" the user provided.
Use methods to accept the user input and to generate the program output. Your main program should consist mostly of just a few method calls and variable assignments.

So, for instance, if the user enters 5 for the number of rows, 7 for the number of columns, and "XX" for the first string, "OO" for the second string, and "***" for the separator, your program should print the following rectangular pattern.
Note the requirement for this program to use nested for loops (Horstmann section 4.3).
Note that there is no delimiter at the end of the lines.

The idea in this program is to effectively "make into methods" the code you wrote for the Programming Assignment 6a. Assuming your code worked for the previous assignment, it should be fairly straightforward to "methodize" it for this assignment

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