Create training proposal letter for a potential client

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Discuss ways that you plan to apply what you learned in this course and instructional methods in your current or future position.

Pretend you are a business consultant selling your consultant business. Create a training proposal letter for a potential client that explains your professional services.

Reference no: EM131371995

Jaster market-book ratio

It has 300 million shares of common stock outstanding, and its stock price is $39 per share. What is Jaster's market/book ratio? Round your answer to two decimal places.

Do you agree or disagree with cimpeans assertion

In “Work or Love? A Christian Evaluation of John Dewey’s Views on the Purpose of Schooling," Cimpean states: Dewey rejects the Christian purpose for schooling, which is to ser

Distinguish between business and not-for-profit organization

Distinguish between business and not-for-profit organizations. List the factors of production. Define capitalism, socialism and communism. Which system is the United States un

All facts from an environmental-human health point of view

Assume that you are a Compliance and Safety Manager for a large industrial facility making plastics. In the manufacturing of plastics, chemicals and fuels are used in several

In integrated project delivery contracts

In Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) contracts, when are you likely to bring in key trade contractors? Why? What BIM related skills might you want from a key trade contractor?

Brief summary of the lego case

Brief Summary of the Lego Case Question: Which of the three personas does the Lego Group spend the most social media marketing time and effort? It is likely that different per

Ethics and the employee

Ethics and the employee: An employee has an obligation to obey his or her employer under the employment contractual agreement. Suppose your boss asks you to perform a task tha

Edward owned a retail sporting goods ship

Edward owned a retail sporting goods ship. A new ski resort was being constructed in his area, and to take advantage of the potential business, Edward decided to expand his op


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