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Write a program (in C, or Java, or C++, or C#) that creates three new threads (besides the already existing main thread) and synchronizes them in such a way that each thread displays it's thread id in turn for 5 iterations. The output of the program should look like this:

Thread 1 - iteration no. 1

Thread 2 - iteration no. 1

Thread 3 - iteration no. 1

Thread 1 - iteration no. 2

Thread 2 - iteration no. 2

Thread 3 - iteration no. 2

Thread 1 - iteration no. 3

Thread 2 - iteration no. 3

Thread 3 - iteration no. 3

Thread 1 - iteration no. 4

Thread 2 - iteration no. 4

Thread 3 - iteration no. 4

Thread 1 - iteration no. 5

Thread 2 - iteration no. 5

Thread 3 - iteration no. 5

Reference no: EM131069265

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