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Consulting company called Big-Proj that is looking for that big break. You are one of ten (1 of 10) project managers in your organization. Recently, you made a persuasive and high-level presentation of your company's approach to managing projects on time and on schedule in accordance with the. Leads are pouring in. It looks like business is about to pick up.

Your small but experienced team of ten (10) PMP-certified project managers have managed a wide range of small capital projects, namely wiring closets, wireless, data canter moves, network upgrades, and ERP deployments. You have been selected to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, and control and close a data canter move in a 30-day period.


Fiction Corporation is a large national retail chain of 10,000 employees and 500 retail outlets. Fiction is moving its primary data center operation to a new headquarters building several miles away. The company wishes to upgrade its network and correct any security flaws in its

infrastructure as part of this move. The Fiction CEO has informed you that the capital budget cannot exceed $500,000 and must not interrupt business operations. What follows is a brief overview that will serve as your foundation in developing the network design. The data in the center supports remote retail locations, an off-site 100-seat call center and 3 remote warehousing operations 24 hours a day. Any significant downtime to its production systems

would impact Fiction Corporation's operations and profitability. From the data processing viewpoint, the move includes 2 large UPS, 4 RS/6000 AIX application servers, 10 virtualized servers, and 20 PC servers. The network consists of approximately 500 remote location retail stores connected via frame relay (with ISDN backup) to 10 routers at the data center running a common LAN shared by the entire organization. The retail operations also run WLANs that are on their own subnet. You will have a T1 link and ISDN as its backup. Network managers also need to monitor the status of remote systems. The SNMP management system must be able to detect and report failure of the remote system or its communications link and the status of individual applications. The company wishes a seamless migration that minimizes impact to its customers and employees. Any gaps in this background will require you to make sound technical and persuasive assumptions that satisfy the customer's goals that are within the budget guidelines. You were selected in part due to your detailed analysis and agreement to an implementation cost that will not exceed $500,000. Your network migration plan will be in accordance to the process areas and will use standard project management software to manage the budget and associated tasks. Key to the success of this plan is adherence to the scope, time, and cost baseline. Technically, the client must ensure the availability of a T1 link between the remote sites to support remote bridging and development of configurations for all the remote routers. Students may have to create fictitious assumptions and details in support of this assignment.

Write a ten to fifteen (10-15) page paper that addresses the following:

1. Describe how you would initiate the project.

2. Create a project plan for moving the data center, considering the budget and time constraints.

3. Develop an inclusive plan that incorporates the five (5) process areas and nine (9) knowledge areas of the PMBOK.

4. Create the project work breakdown structure and resource sheet in Microsoft Project or its open source alternative.

5. Describe how you will monitor and control the plan.

6. Explain the methods you would use to close the project.

Reference no: EM13746992

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