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You are going to create a sample project describing the organizational structure of the agency or company for which you are planning the project. Describe as many of the organizational culture attributes as you can. List by name as many of the project executive, management, and team roles as you can identify. Be sure to assign roles to yourself as well.

Discuss in this paper how you anticipate that the organizational structure, culture, and role assignments will help or hurt your ability to successfully plan this project. Describe the project life cycle model that is used in the organization, and explain why it is appropriate.

Write a four-page summary of the project including all the elements listed in the instructions. At least two references must be used and one of them must be obtained from the CSU Online Library.

Be sure to use APA format and cite your work. Your summary should be at least four pages in length and will include a title and reference page which is not included in the page count.

Reference no: EM13990098

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