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Create requirement definition document for your project. Then use ER Assistant, Visio, SQL Developer Data Modeler or other suitable diagram tool to create Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for your lab project. Submit your requirement document and design ERD for approval. See

Project Learning Demonstration posted under Course Content/Hands-on Resources for step-by-step instructions.

First analyze the business problem you want to solve, and put the results into a requirement definition document. The document describes business rules by identifying what business data you want to keep track of and how those data are related to each other.

Now that you have clarified your business requirements and business rules, you now start to design your database by creating the ERD. The ERD should consist of a minimum of 5, but no more than 6, entities with a minimum of 5 attributes for each entity. Draw appropriate relationships to connect related entities.

ER Assistant, Visio, or SQL Developer Data Modeler is the standard Diagramming tool for this course. Use of another tool is acceptable as long as the final product is submitted in a format (such as PDF or JPG) that can be read, evaluated and graded.

The crow's feet notation is required.

The deliverable would be two documents: a requirement document (business rules narratives) in doc/docx/pdf and a design ERD (.erd, .vsd, or pdf/gif/jpg if you are not using the suggested diagramming tool).

Reference no: EM131272957

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