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Create Preventative Controls for SunGrafix, a video game design company. In some cases, the outage impacts identified in the BIA may be mitigated or eliminated through preventive measures that deter, detect, and/or reduce impacts to the system. Where feasible and cost effective, preventive methods are preferable to actions that may be necessary to recover the system after a disruption. Preventative controls include the identification of effective contingency planning preventive controls and maintaining these controls on an ongoing basis. Identify and incorporate a variety of preventive controls into your BCP. Some of the listed controls are the following:

  • Appropriately sizeduninterruptiblepower supplies (UPS) to provide short-term backup power to all system components (including environmental and safety controls);
  • Gasoline- or diesel-powered generators to provide long-term backup power;
  • Air-conditioning systems with adequate excess capacity to prevent failure of certain components, such as a compressor;
  • Fire suppression systems;
  • Fire and smoke detectors;
  • Water sensors in the computer room ceiling and floor;
  • Heat-resistant and waterproof containers for backup media and vital non electronic records;
  • Emergency master system shutdown switch;
  • Offsitestorage of backup media, non-electronic records, and system documentation;
  • Technical security controls, such as cryptographic key management; and
  • Frequent scheduled backups including where the backups are stored (onsiteoroffsite) and how often they are recirculated and moved to storage.

Reference no: EM131227173

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