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Code of Ethics Implementation Plan Paper


Your assignment due at the end of Module 5 was to design a code of ethics. While having a code of ethics is a good thing, it is useless unless it is brought to life in the organization. This assignment gives you the opportunity to devise a plan to implement a code of ethics in an organization.

Make revisions to your code of ethics, as appropriate, based on the feedback received from the instructor.

In a paper of 1,250-1,500 words, create and present an implementation plan for the code of ethics you designed for the "Code of Ethics Design Paper" assignment. Base your plan on the revised version of your code of ethics incorporating the feedback from the instructor. Your plan must include the following:

1) A description of how the code will be connected to other important documents such as the mission/vision statement and other organizational policy statements.

2) A research-supported strategy for launching the code and communicating its implementation to all stakeholders.

3) A research-supported strategy for enforcing the code.

4) A research-supported process for evaluating the code for effectiveness and making revisions to maintain applicability.

5) A discussion that invokes current research and explains why your implementation plan will succeed when many others have failed.

Reference no: EM131226981

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