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The ABC Shoe Company wants to use supply chain management to help move the product (running shoes) through production and on to customers. Your boss asked you to set up a supply-chain management flowchart to determine inventory quantities that are needed and ordering policies.

Create a 1-page flowchart of the supply-chain management process.

Create a document of 2-3 body pages (using APA format) detailing how inventory quantities will be determined based on the following:

The company will produce 10,000 pairs of running shoes on 10 machines.

Each machine (or workstation) can make 500 pairs of shoes per day. The products will use the following ingredients:

Rubber soles (purchased intact)
Body of the shoes

Create 5 policies that will be required to determine and sustain inventory quantities.

Your format should include the following:

Use the library, Internet, and other resources to research your response.

A minimum of 2 resources should be cited in the body of the work.

Reference no: EM131111538

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