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A manufacturing company must decide whether to manufacture a component part or purchase the component from a supplier. The resulting profit depends on the demand for the product. Demand can be Low, Medium or High. The company has estimated the payoff (in thousands of dollars) as follows. The payoffs for manufacturing will be -20, 40, and 100 under Low, Medium and High demands respectively. For purchasing, the pay offs will be 10, 45 and 70 for Low, Medium and High demands. Construct a payoff table.

What is the optimum decision under the conservative approach?

Manufacture, Purchase, or Neither?

Reference no: EM13781566

Procurements process of project procurement management

Project Manager Lani Jo is evaluating whether to have her company’s IT department develop the software needed by her project. Based on the Plan Procurements process of Project

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How can purchasing play an active role in a firm’s sustainability efforts. Where would you locate the two new plants? What additional experience opportunities does the interne

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The internet has significantly changed the way that organizations conduct their business operations in breaking down barriers that previously existed. In what ways do organi

What other techniques might you choose to manage

Discuss the use of PERT/CPM techniques for managing projects. Describe what PERT/CPM does. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of using it. What other techniques might you ch

Consider the beta anomaly and arbitrage concept

Consider the beta (or volatility) anomaly and arbitrage concept. What is basic premise behind this anomaly? How is it empirically observed? How can you explain the existence o

What are the characteristics of transformational leader

What are the characteristics of a transformational leader. How do they transform their followers? Select someone that you believe to be a transformational leader, and illustra

Community high blood pressure control program for community

If you were head of a community health-focused organization in your city and were given the opportunity to develop, organization, and lead a community high blood pressure cont

What ethical philosophy the senior and junior senators

A first-term junior senator has placed a bill before the Senate that promises to correct tax inequities that affect thousands of workers. However, the bill is being held up in


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