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Company A has four plants locating in different cities across the region. There are three markets the company is selling its products to. Currently, each plant can only produce 500 units of products, and Market 1 needs 800 units of the product, Market 2 needs 500 units, while Market 3 needs 500 units. The shipping costs for Company A to ship one unit from each plant to different markets are listed in the following table. Unit Shipping Cost in $ Market 1 Market 2 Market 3 Plant 1 10 8 15 Plant 2 8 9 7 Plant 3 12 13 15 Plant 4 11 10 12 Please create and write down a standard/mathematical LP model and use Excel Solver to find the optimal shipping strategy for Company A, which minimize the total shipping costs.

Reference no: EM13228746

What percent has productivity fallan

A cleaning company uses 10 lbs each of chemicals A, B and C for each house it cleans. After some quality complaints, the company has decided to increase its use of chemical A

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Think of an organizational change that you experienced. Describe how you were impacted by the change. What could the leadership have done to make the transition more successfu

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General Mills has built a sterling reputation over the course of its existence due to its high quality of products and favorable publicity through the practice of Corporate So

Estimates that productivity improvements soon will increase

A company manufactures a product using machine cells. Each cell has a design capacity of 250 units per day and an effective capacity of 230 units per day. At present, actual o

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What is your business are being sued for a breach of contract. Create a matrix that list each business and compare and contrast your personal liability exposure as a sole ow

Additional information systems-related reasonable assumption

Two years ago, Susie Hernandez knitted a pink sweater for her poodle and posted it on Instagram. The picture of the snarling beast in its cute sweater went viral and orders fo

Perations functions to project management techniques

Many universities, industry professionals, and organizations feel that operations management and project management go hand in hand. Indeed, often the degree programs are simi

How cross-cultural management can improve business operation

In this presentation, please inform the senior management by briefly explaining the concept of Cross-Cultural Management and its relevance in supporting global business oper


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