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Question 1:

HTML Editors: It is possible to create and edit web pages in a number of ways. For example, we could edit HTML tags by hand, use a visual editor such as Dreamweaver or use an HTML generator/template based (such as Wordpress) to edit a layout and then create the HTML from it.Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of these approaches.

Question 2: Audio Quality:

Choose two different formats for audio and with each record a short passage of speech and a short passage of music. Try to discern any difference in quality. What do you think? Would another person feel the same way and if not, why not?Post your answer, which should state the recording software used and attach the passages so that others can discuss the contribution. PS: the recorded short passage must have male voice.I expect to receive 2 word files, one for each question containing citations and references in harvard referencing.

Reference no: EM13190211

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