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Create an HTML5 application using the following guidelines:
1. Produce an HTML5 page divided vertically into two divs (left and right).
2. Reproduce the table below in HTML5 in the left hand div.

Team Played Won Drawn Lost Points
City 8 5 2 1 17
United 8 4 2 2 14
Wanderers 8 3 2 4 8
Town 8 1 2 5 5

3. In the right hand div, produce three questions about the table within an HTML5 form for the user to answer. Provide more than two possible answers for the user to choose from for each question. If there is only one correct answer, use radio buttons or a single choice menu. If the correct answer consists of several selections, use a checklist or a multiple-choice menu.
4. Below the three questions, provide a text area for the user to tell you what he or she thought about the quiz.
5. Provide a Submit button for the form, and make up a name for the PHP script that would handle the replies on the Web server. At this stage, nothing will happen if the user clicks the Submit button. Just concentrate on the HTML5.
6. Use an external CSS file to style at least some of your content.
7. Zip your HTML5 and CSS files together with a screenshot of the application running in your browser into one archive or zipped file prior to submission. Include your name in the filename.
2. Both the HTML5 and CSS files should be checked using the relevant W3C Validator, and the HTML5 should comply with the XHTML rules listed in last week's Lecture Notes.
3. Use HTML5 comments and CSS comments in the respective files to explain the code you have used. Unexplained code will be interpreted as possible evidence of plagiarism.

Reference no: EM1381137

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