Create an application that allows user to enter an integer

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Create an application that allows the user to enter an integer between 1 and 10 into a text box on a form. Use a "Select Case" statement to identify which Roman numeral is the correct translation of the integer. Display the Roman numeral in a Label control. If the user enters an invalid value, display an appropriate error message and do not attempt the conversion. Include an Exit button closes the window.

Reference no: EM131266225

Developing the database of company

Enable the user in order to input a last name; then find the file and show all the names and phone numbers corresponding to that last name.

Cpp file of the program

Student must submit each lab assignment along with two files: a working .cpp file of the program design and a screenshot of its program execution output in Word format.

Discuss at least three key design parameter

Visualize the solutions for your selected optimization problem implemented in #2. Show x-D graph(s) (where x is the number of variables) to visualize your feasible solutions

Calculate the total number of bits required

Calculate the total number of bits required for the cache listed in the table, assuming a 32-bit address. Given that total size, find the total size of the closest direct-ma

Create a system that either a website or an application

Fall 2015 Project - Programming Section. You are about to create a system that either a website OR an application. The system should be created to help Arabic students learn

Which is the best option in your opinion

Conceivably, there are three choices for a front-end application to your SQL Server database solution. This includes a compiled binary executable that is stored on client co

Make a gui based program with a writebutton

make a GUI Based program with a WriteButton used to write data to a sequential data file. Then make another ReadData button to read data from the file created and display it

Make the price of an item for each of the five days

The Last Stop Boutique is having a five-day sale. Each day, starting on Monday, price will drop 10% of the previous day's price. For example, if the original price of a prod


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