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Need around is 25-30 page Contains :

Contents, Introduction, text, code, explanation, pictures or tables, and sum up and references

SDK Tools
Is Android develop use these tools?

We have produced a sensor for the outdoor environment in different place. sensor can get the gas sensors, temperature, and light three data to a computer or the web

We need to make a phone app

When logged into the APP able to post more than three data search, and can list the data sheets, and compared the data to show a bar graph or a line graph, can be a warning when the user exceeds the safety value, hoping to write a detailed process, what software (need to use the Android system) pictures are just some similar programs as a reference .

Wireless sensor networks have become increasingly frequent in all aspects of environmental monitoring, military and medical and so on. Data-centric features are one of its important. Therefore, in the research and application of wireless sensor networks, data collection analysis, processing and display is very important. Our task is responsible for wireless sensor networks, wireless sensor networks and data collection based on wireless sensor network design unique data acquisition and display data using APP system design collection strategy.

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Reference no: EM13912079

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