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Name, market, background, mission: Done as a team

Oak Room Furniture is a family owned specialty oak furniture company. It was started in 1984 by John and Anne Smith who ran the company for the last 35 years.

Oak Room Furniture gained a niche following with local developers needing quality furniture to help stage their new model homes in budding communities. The furniture was so well received by the community that it was often requested by home buyers for new custom pieces. This added a nice side income to supplement the wholesale business created by the Smith's.

However, after nearly 40 years running the company, Mr. and Mr. Smith are ready to pass the business over to their son and daughter, Sarah and Jimmy. Both Sara and Jimmy felt that the company, which mainly generated sales by word of mouth and operated out of a small rented workshop outside of town, needed to bring their company up to speed with the 21st century.

They have decided to launch a new website and open a new store front for retail sales in downtown, and a show room at the workshop to further help the business grow. They are also looking to fortify the company's digital footprint with the use of online sales, a new app, and customer support.

Our mission is to help Sarah and Jimmy grow Oak Room Furniture and solidify that digital footprint so that it helps generate business for years to come.

Supported organizational roles: Consider all the possible roles that need to be supported in this organization that includes light manufacturing, procurement, sales, distribution, and customer support. Create a workflow diagram to illustrate how analytics could align with the company's business processes. (3 slides with notes)

Reference no: EM132280182

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