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Mitchell proposed to Erin on 3/7/16, and soon after contacted our organization - The Wedding Consultants - to help them with planning. Erin and Mitchell plan to marry on 11/5/16. The sunrise wedding will take place at the top of Mount Lemmon followed by a mid-afternoon lunch/dinner sit-down dinner at the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain. The couple will stay one evening at the Ritz, and then take a plane on 11/6/16 to London, England for a two-week honeymoon.

• Although the couple has a budget, they do not know how much they want to spend on each facet of the wedding (e.g., flowers). Before they do anything else, they will need to develop a budget to spend the $60,000 that will be approved by the Shaws and also Mrs. Cooper.

• The couple expects 300 people to attend their wedding and reception, although 500 will be invited.

• The invitations will be from Papyrus at La Encantada. They will be embossed with the Shaw family return address and a calligrapher (TBD) will be identified to hand-letter each invitation. The invitations will cost $5 a piece. RSVPs must be received no later than one month prior to the event in order to give an accurate reception headcount to the Ritz Carlton. You will need to identify, interview, and select a calligrapher.

• The Shaws need to reserve a block of rooms at the Ritz Carlton for all of their guests. The guests are responsible for all of their hotel costs, but the Shaws will ensure they are transported to the ceremony and back.

• Ensure there is sufficient buffer in the schedule for key activities. For example, do not submit a schedule that plans for receipt of the wedding dress one day before the wedding. The plan must be reasonable and make sense in the context of a wedding.

The Wedding Ceremony

• Do not include hour-by-hour or minute-by-minute planning of the wedding day itself. No one will update the schedule on 11/5/16. A wedding day milestone is sufficient to represent this event.

• There are three attendants each for the bride and groom, including the maid of honor and the best man. There is a flower girl and a ring bearer. The bride's parents are both still living, however the groom only has his mother.

• The wedding party will be driven to the ceremony in a limousine from Limoport Transportation, LLC. They will need two limos at $70/hour. The Shaws also want to rent a few mini-coaches to transport guests to the wedding site and then to the reception at a cost of $100/hour each. Each mini-coach seats 25 people.

• The wedding will have flowers supplied to the event by Inglis Florist. Depending on the option chosen, the costs will be Option A $5,000, Option B $10,000 or Option C $15,000. They will choose the package once the budget is complete.

• The bridal party will be given necklaces and earrings to wear for the wedding, although the bride will need to choose the set after the bridesmaids' dresses have been selected. The groom has not decided on the gift that will be given to his attendants, but expects to do so in about one month's time. He knows that whatever gift he selects will be engraved with each groomsman's name.

• At the wedding, there will be a string quartet, although neither the bride nor the groom has started a search for this ensemble.

• The couple wish to tailor their wedding vows to each other, and will need to meet with the officiant several times to finalize the wording.

• The bride wishes to wear her mother's wedding dress, although it must be altered. Assume all other attire must be researched, fitted, and picked up. The bridesmaids and groomsmen will bear the cost of their attire.

• The couple will choose Mitchell's wedding band from the selection at Tiffany's. It will be engraved with the couple's names and the date.

The Reception

• A local band will entertain guests at the reception. There will need to be a selection process for this element.

• There is a one-time booking fee for the Ritz Carlton of $5,000 for their facilities due on 6/4/16.

• The Ritz Carlton will cater the three-course meal, including wedding cake. Erin and Mitchell will need to select the dishes but both want filet mignon and also shrimp to be part of the menu. They estimate about $30 per person for the meal.

• There will be a four-tiered wedding cake for the guests, a small cake for the bride and groom to save for their first wedding anniversary, and a groom's cake. Erin and Mitchell must use the catering services at the Ritz, but they will need to meet with the Ritz on cake design and flavors. They estimate $2000 for the cake.

• There will be an open bar, but the Shaws will provide two bottles of wine per table at a cost of $50. Each table seats 10 people.

• Guests will be given favors of candied almonds that have "Erin & Mitchell, 11/5/16" printed on them.

The Honeymoon

• The duration of this project should not encompass the honeymoon, however it is expected that the Microsoft Project schedule will include planning for it.

• Apart from the destination, Mitchell has not done any planning for the honeymoon and will need to consult with a travel agent and Erin on a periodic basis as he researches and then makes arrangements.


1. Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project that includes all scope described above. Submit this via Blackboard to the sponsor in MS PowerPoint by the due date on the syllabus.

2. Using the WBS, create a schedule that meets the standards for good planning mechanics and reflects the relationship/costs described above. Submit an electronic copy of the schedule via Blackboard to the sponsor by the due date on the syllabus.

3. Using the schedule, derive the critical path for the project according to the "Sample Critical Path Format" example used in class and posted on Blackboard. Submit this electronically to the sponsor via Blackboard in MS PowerPoint by the due date on the syllabus.

Acceptance Criteria:


o Conforms to the guidelines for a WBS as specified in Kloppenborg.
o Does not omit major deliverables.

• Schedule
o The schedule must conform to the period of performance specified above. A week of buffer is acceptable. Any project finish date later than 11/5/16 is unacceptable.
o The budget for all activities in scope must not exceed $60,000.
o The schedule conforms to good planning mechanics.
o All schedule resources are effectively utilized (i.e., no overallocated resources).
o The schedule includes all scope from the WBS.

• Critical Path
o The critical path should fit on the width of one page, but may be several pages long.
o A reasonable critical path starts at the beginning of the project and ends on or a little earlier than 11/5/16.

Risks, Assumptions, and Constraints:

• (R) There may be inclement weather on Mt. Lemmon on the day of the ceremony.
• (A) Everyone in the wedding party (i.e., the people resources) will work for free on the planning for the event.
• (C) The total expenditures for this effort cannot exceed $60,000.
• (C) The wedding ceremony must take place on 11/5/16.

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The solution of the given problem consist 2 different attachments, In word document of solution consist Work break Down Structure, Critical Path, Schedule & Gannt Chart, with a wbs file.

Reference no: EM13945883

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