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In this project, students need to create a Web Site with at least 10 web forms as the interface as the front end, plus build database as the back-end by using Visual Studio 2013. The web forms must include two basic files (.aspx and .aspx.cs).You may add more different type of files according to your needs.

Your project content could include but not limited to Car Dealer, Book Store and Bank System etc. Attention, your project content can NOT be Pizza format since we already did in the class.

Brainstorming for your project content:

a) Car (Dealer/Rent/Repair/etc.)
b) Ticket System (Flight/Movie/Championship/etc.)
c) Store (Clothes/Games/Gifts/etc.)
d) Student (Registration/Health/Club)System
e) Library System
f) Bank System

Your project must contain Homepage.aspx, Registration.aspx, Login.aspx, Reset Password.aspx (Must be able to generate random strong enough password and send an email to inform the user), Contact.aspx, Image-zoomIN_Out.aspx pages, etc. The Homepage is expected to have introduction, navigation and logo (images). The Registration page is expected to have TextBoxes as data entry for username, email and password, which should satisfy the basic login information. Your Registration page could include the user information (first name, last name and country), etc.

Your main webpage or webform should achieve the main functions for your project such as "view, select and purchase car" for a Car Dealer, or "search, select and purchase ticket" for Ticket System,or "deposit, withdraw and check account balance" for online Banking system.

Reference no: EM131032755

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