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Create a simple warm-up program using your G3D programming and graphics environment. This will require you to minorly edit and then compile a provided G3D application that mostly makes direct calls to OpenGL. It is to your benefit to organize your programming environment as you see fit.

Your job is to implement a program which draws a simple 2D screen saver like program. The "screen-saver" consists of two points bouncing within the confines of the window (i.e., within a rectangle) and one line being drawn between the points. To draw the line, simply draw the line using OpenGL line drawing primitives (e.g., use glBegin(GL_LINES), glVertex2f(x,y), and glEnd(). You may perform all computations in 2D, thus you do not need a perspective projection matrix. The points should start at a random position and move with a random (but reasonable) velocity vector. The points should reflect off the edge of the window and continue moving for about 10 seconds.

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