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Answer the questions:

1. In HTML, values are always placed in parentheses

2. HTML tags are just instructions to the web browser

3. HTML tags usually appear in pairs enclosed in (parentheses)

4. HTML files are text files with an .html or .txt extension

5. _____ is the original Web page creation tool that allows you to create dynamic Web pages.
C) JavaScript.

6. Sheila is the owner of a pet toy shop and is planning her first Web site.

Sheila owns a personal computer that runs Windows. She wants to write her own HTML code in a simple text editor. What program would you recommend that Sheila use?

A) Adobe Dreamweaver.
B) Sites from Google.
C) Microsoft Word.
D) Notepad.

7. Heading number indicate the level of importance for marked heading, with ____ being the most prominent.

A) <h3>.
B) <h6>.
C) <h1>.
D) <h5>.

8. With a few simple HTML ____, you can determine the placement of colors, pictures, apps, and backgrounds on Web page.

A) Segments.
B) Areas.
C) Codes.
D) Tags.

9. Typically, a professional Web site developer will create a sales page that users see when they first access the site.


10. You do not need to know HTML tags to use Web page creation tools.
True ____
False ____

Reference no: EM131307712

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