Create a program for your lego windstorm nxt robot

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Create a program for your Lego Windstorm NXT robot. The program will allow the robot to "patrol" in a bounded area. The area will be a white background bounded by a thick black line. Your robot must continue moving within the bounded area, but must not leave the bounded area (or stop).

Be sure you understand the following beforehand:

1 - the line following program

2 - the switch block

3 - the light sensor

To solve this problem, remember the steps in IT problem-solving. understand the problem. second, plan the solution. Third, create Fourth, test the solution. You don't need access to the robot or steps 1 and 2.

Give some thought to how you would solve the probl considering the code to implement that solution. First, the code. software for em before

Reference no: EM131247157

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