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In this project, we will work on how to find the average color in a larger block of pixels can be thought of as a very simple re-sampling of the bigger image. This technique is often used to generate smaller versions of big images. (think of a thumbnail of the original image). In this assignment we will be writing a program that can:
1.) Allow simple loading and saving of images.
2.) Break a loaded image up into blocks of a given width and height and find the average color in that block.
3.) Create a new image from the process in (2) that will consist of 1 pixel per every block analyzed in the first image.
4.) Apply a red, green, or blue tint to an image by increasing the appropriate RGB values to every pixel in the image.
5.) Randomly add noise pixels into an image.
6.) As bonus function, to denoise the image with noise.

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Reference no: EM13325121

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