Create a new arraylist call peoplelist that contains people
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Question1. Solving this question will help you understand Collections in java.

Copy the previous application to a new folder, open it in NetBeans and rename it to "CollectionsExample"

2.1 (20) Create a new ArrayList call "peopleList" that contains People objects.
ArrayList<People> peopleList = new ArrayList();
Then create one student Object, one Staff, and one Faculty object. Add all three objects to "peopleList"
Student student1 = new Student("James", "Bond", new Date("01/01/1995"), 111222333);
Then use a for-loop to call all objects' Display function to print out the contents of each objects.

2.2 (20) In order to compare different object, you need to implement a Comparator for class "People". Please create a FirstNameComparator which will implement the java "Comparator" Interface.
Hint declare a new class: public class FirstNameComparator implements Comparator<People>
And then override the "compare" method of that Interface in the method, you should compare the firstName String.
public int compare(People p1, People p2) {
return p1.getFirstName().compareTo(p2.getFirstName());

2.3 (20)refer to 2.2, write a new class "SSNComparator", and implement the java "Comparator" Interface. In that class, override the "compare" method to compare the SSN.

2.4 (20) Collection sorting method in your main function:

2.4.1 Please use Collections and FirstNameComparator to sort your "peopleList" by FirstName and print out your "peopleList".

2.4.2 Please use Collections and SSNComparator to sort your "peopleList" by SSN and print out your "peopleList".

2.5 (20)ArrayList other methods:

2.5.1 ArrayList AddAll method:
Create a new ArrayList<People> PeopleListClone object, use its AddAll method to Add "peopleList" to itself twice. You will have 6 elements for PeopleListClone. Display all six elements.

2.5.2 ArrayList Remove method.
Use remove method in "PeopleListClone" to remove the student objects in this ArrayList, two student elements will be removed. Display all four elements left.

2.5.3 ArrayList Reverse method. Use Collections.reverse method to reverse the PeopleListClone and then display all elements after reverse.

2.5.4 ArrayList Clear method. Use PeopleListClone.clear() method to empty the ArrayList, then display to user that now this array contains 0 element.

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