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Turmeric & Spice want you to survey all the spice importers in their business. You know that the average rate of response to email and electronic surveys is 30% and that T&S has 100 importers located around the world. Create a metric based plan for building buy-in from the importers so that you do get at least 30% (and hopefully greater) participation. The plan should include timing, building and delivering the survey, and analysis of the data. Your plan must add value to the organization through measurement and evaluation. It should be between 3-4 pages in length.

Reference no: EM1329947

Efficient business processes key to maximizing value

What is a business process and why do businesses use them? Why are efficient business processes key to maximizing value and what are some of the ways that IT can accomplish jo

Type of organizational chart is illustrated for mcdonald

What type of organizational chart is illustrated for McDonalds and what improvements could you recommend for the McDonald's organizational chart? Give your reasoning for each

Is globalization a good move for the company

Your work on your strategic global marketing plan is complete. You now have a plan that will implement, manage, and support a global strategy, but it is far from organized.

What is the logic behind given strategy

Some MNEs use a production strategy that involves costing a portfolio of related goods rather than just costing each individually. What is the logic behind this strategy?

Strategic decision making for accountants

Examine the success or otherwise of the area's design score indicators nominated and you will need to explain how the decisions and actions taken in that area assisted (or o

Which do you think are most enduring management principles

Read the article in the assigned Reading, "Management: A Journey in Progress." Which do you think are the most enduring management principles and management responsibilities

Identify the strategic marketing issues

President Bob has requested that you identify the strategic marketing issues and provide the senior executives and investors a general brief that describes how your team wil

How important is it for enterprise to keep up with version

Seeking to stretch their budgets in a tough economic environment, IT managers are subjecting every technology purchase to rigorous scrutiny and looking for every opportunity


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