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A class named TextProcessor. This class does the heavy lifting of opening the file, reading it, standardizing the text, and tokenizing it. Use this class to accomplish the following requirements:

  1. Create a Java class namedTextProcessorGUI.
  2. Provide a main() function that creates and displays an instance ofTextProcessorGUI. I recommend you write this class as a subclass ofJFrame.
  3. Provide a button that, when pressed, causes aJFileChooser dialog to appear. Use this dialog to allow the user to select a text file.
  4. After selecting the file, your code will create an instance of TextProcessor and then use itsprocessFile() method.
  5. After theprocessFile() method completes, display in your window:
    1. The name of the selected file.
    2. The number of unique words in the file as provided byTextProcessor.
    3. The total number of words in the fileas provided byTextProcessor.
    4. The average number of times a word appears in the fileas provided byTextProcessor.
    5. The most frequent words (it could be a tie)as provided byTextProcessor.
    6. The COUNT of words that appear onceas provided byTextProcessor.
    7. The COUNT of words that appear twiceas provided byTextProcessor.
    8. The COUNT of words that appear three timesas provided byTextProcessor. 

Your window must be appropriately sized for its contents. Further, your program must terminate when I press the "DISMISS" button, i.e. the X in the upper right corner on a Windows system.

When I grade your homework, I will use two different text files. Your code must correctly handle the use of one text file (show the numbers for the first file), then the use of a second text file (show the numbers for the second file).

I recommend you pick a few books from Project Gutenberg. Works by Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carroll, and Mark Twain are good test data; easy to get, moderate in length, and they use pretty standard vocabulary. But you can use whatever test data you want.

This exercise is about creating a GUI. This exercise is NOT about handling a file and the text within. 

An answer by sometime (doesn't matter when) tomorrow is needed

Reference no: EM13896103

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