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Case Study - KU Consulting

Question 1: Refer to the Albatross Anchor scenario/case study. Make recommendations for at least four of the following challenges: List of challenges

(a) Time management

(b) Cost management

(c) Quality management

(d) Performance management

(e) Enterprise project management

(f) Technology adoption

(g) Supply chain management

(h) Distribution management

Question 2: As the consultant for KU Consulting, you have been authorized to change the existing facility (limited construction budget) and/or refine the process flow of the manufacturing area. All changes must be completed within a 60-day window with the majority of the changes happening at night when the plant is idle or on the weekend when the plant is idle.

(a) List and detail the proposed changes and/or alterations. Please explain why you chose what you chose, give the rationale behind your choices and finally, substantiate your work.

(b) List and detail three implications and three complications that may occur as a result of the recommended changes. Remember activities in one area of the facility may have an impact on other areas of the facility.

(c) Create a Gantt chart showing a timeline for when the different changes proposed should be made, detailing which changes may overlap and showing how long each change will take to institute. Provide information to support your decisions and to explain your choices as shown in the Gantt chart.

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