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This assignment is a case project that will enable you to put to work what you have learned in this course to apply Linux solutions to specific issues. For this assignment, place yourself in the shoes of a newly hired computer support specialist.

Outdoor Adventures is working to make its Linux computing environment more productive through the use of new applications. As part of this effort, you have been assigned several tasks. The tasks are as follows:

  1. Set up a directory structure
  2. Set up file security
  3. Create a customer file
  4. Create a guide to common Linux  commands
  5. Create a summary guide  explaining how the knowledge, skills and attitudes learned in this course  apply to your chosen career.

Company Background

A company, Outdoor Adventures, manufactures backpacks sold in sporting goods, mountaineering, and outdoor equipment stores. Their entire environment is Linux-based - including both workstations and servers. You are a newly hired computer specialist at Outdoor Adventures, and you have been given several tasks to complete as part of your new position. Although most users in the company use the command line interface, you are free to use either the CLI or the GUI to complete your required tasks.


Upon completion of this case project, you will submit a *single* Word document that contains written instructions/explanations with accompanying screen shots.

1. Create a directory structure for a new accountant that is organized to  house the following items (Note:  You only need to create the directory structure for this  deliverable. It is not necessary to  create programs or any of the items that the new accountant will house in  these directories):

- The program files for the accounting system

- Data files for accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger

- Business reports

- Rich text files

Write a summary that explains the design. Provide screen shots of your completed directory structure.

2. Set up file security so that only the accountant and the company  owners can access the file system previously created. Create a written  document with step-by-step instructions for the employee that describes  how to create additional subdirectories they may need and how to configure  the appropriate security. Include in your document the general steps for  removing an unused directory.  Provide screen shots of the commands used to setup file security.

3. Create a customer file (a plain text document) that contains several customers'  names, addresses, telephone numbers, and type of backpack purchased (use  fictional data). Use any Linux  editor of your choice to create the file.  Include a screen shot showing the contents of the file you created.

4. Create a guide for Outdoor Adventures employees that demonstrates and  describes the use of various Linux commands. For this guide, you will collect a  screen shot showing an example of each of the following commands being  used. Also include a short written  summary with each screen shot that describes the command (in your own  words) and how it is used. Also  identify any of the common switches used with each command.

  • ls
  • pwd
  • mkdir
  • touch
  • rm
  • who
  • ps
  • man
  • cat
  • grep
  • su

5. Create a summary document  describing how the knowledge, skills and attitudes learned in this will  apply to your chosen career. For  example, how would knowledge of command line tools help you automate  common system tasks regardless of operating system platform?

Reference no: EM13192669

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