Create a custom python module named tempconvert
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- Write all lines of your pseudocode as comments immediately after your name and SPC ID# comment.
- Add more comments as needed in each program to explain what your code is doing.
- Choose descriptive variable names in all programs.
- Before submitting this assignment,

1. Write a program named program51.py that defines a value-returning function named cuber that returns both the surface area and volume of a cube. A cube is a rectangular prism with all sides equal. Prompt the user to enter the cube's side length from the keyboard in the main function and then call the cuber function. The main function should "catch" the values returned by cuber and display both the surface area and volume accurate to three decimal places.
Enter side length of cube 2.5
Surface area is 37.500
Volume is 15.625

2. Write a program named program52.py that uses main and a void function named numbers that takes no arguments and does not return anything. The numbers function generates 5 random integers, each greater than 10 and less than 30 (duplicates are okay), and prints them all on one line separated by spaces. A loop is required for this, and the loop should also total up the integers so the sum can be displayed when the loop ends. The main function should call the numbers function.
12 24 16 21 17
The total is 90

3. Create a custom Python module named tempconvert.py. This module must contain two functions: one that converts from Celsius to Fahrenheit and one that converts from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Write a program named program53.py that imports the tempconvert module. The program should prompt the user to specify the temperature and the scale, and then perform the appropriate conversion accurate to two decimal places.
Enter the temperature to convert 37
Was that input Celsius or Fahrenheit?
Enter C or F C
In Fahrenheit, that is 98.60
Enter the temperature to convert -40
Was that input Celsius or Fahrenheit?
Enter C or F F
In Celsius, that is -40.00

Python coding is not required in this module. Your first objective in this lesson is to understand binary numbers and hexadecimal numbers. Then, you must learn how to quickly and accurately convert between decimal numbers, binary numbers, and hexadecimal numbers. All computer professionals need these skills. If the many tools below don't give you these skills, you can find many other excellent resources online.

- Work through the "Materials" below.
- When you are sure you have mastered the six conversions below, try Quiz 3 - Number Systems. It's at the bottom of this page.

- 1 question converting from binary to decimal
- 1 question converting from decimal to binary
- 1 question converting from binary to hexadecimal
- 1 question converting from hexadecimal to binary
- 1 question converting from decimal to hexadecimal
- 1 question converting from hexadecimal to decimal

You must provide a solution, not merely an answer. Use each question's message box to explain how you arrived at your answer. Here is an example:

Question: Convert hexadecimal 4C to decimal.

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