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Create a class named Purchase. Each purchase contains an invoice number, amount of sale, and amount of sales tax. Include set methods for the invoice number and sale amount. Within the set () ethod for the sale amount, calculate the sales tax as 5% of the sale amount. Also include a display method that displays a purchases detail. Save as Purchase

Create an application that declares a Purchase object nand prompts the user for purchase details. When you prompt for an invoice number, do not let the user proceeed until a number between 1000 and 8000 has entered. When you prompt for a sale amount, do not proceed until the user has entered a nonnegative value. After a valid urchase object has been created, display the objects invice number, sale amount, and sales tax. Save as

Reference no: EM13940460

Solution for the problem and mention algorithms

Explain the purpose of the program as detail as possible and develop a solution for the problem and mention algorithms to be used and list data structures to be used in soluti

Class sorter which contains methods for selection sort

Write a class Sorter which contains methods for selection sort, insertion sort and bubble sort (start with the code below). Then create a client class which asks user to ent

What wc produces on a linux system

Write a Java program (completely documented according to the class documentation guidelines, of course) named that counts lines, words, and bytes (characters) of

Write a small program that continually reads in user values

Write a small program that continually reads in user values and calculates the average of all values. The program should first ask the user for the amount of values to be ente

Compilation and Execution - JAVA problem

Style marks are based on how your submitted code looks. Remember that good code is easily readable (and understandable) by someone who did not write it. For assignments, you s

Template files contain the message text

Template files contain the message text, together with variable fields(such as Dear [Title] [Last Name ] ...). A database (stored as a text file) contains the field values for

The sixth amendment allows the due process right to council

The Sixth Amendment allows the due process right to council. Several Supreme Court cases have clarified this right for those who cannot afford their own attorneys. Discuss the

Consider a function called insertelementatlocation

Consider a function called insertElementAtLocation() in an array based  list data structure. The function will insert an element in an array by shifting the elements in the ar


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