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Insight Argentina (IA) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the civil society conditions of Argentina by providing opportunities for people to volunteer. IA's mission is to "promote the development of a more engaged, socially aware, and active international community by facilitating experiential education programs that leave a lasting impact on participants and will contribute to the creation of a more sustainable civil and social sector. The organization's mission is accomplished by pairing up volunteers of all ages and backgrounds from around the world to a partnering organization in Argentina that needs assistance. The programs are for those looking for a nonconventional way to experience the life and culture of Argentina and expose them to some of the most important enriA1 issues of the area.

IA believes that international volunteering creates social value by benefiting both the volunteer and the host organization. Benefits to the volunteers include meaningful travel experience abroad and specific work training, an awareness of the life and culture of Argentina, and direct foreign language training-all of which are experiences that can also be added to a volunteer's résumé. The host organizations benefit by receiving skills assistance in areas that they lack from volunteers who are dedicated to Argentina and through financial support received through the program fees.

IA also seeks to pursue both financial and social responsibility. It is a social enterprise that works both to achieve a mission and have a self-sustaining business plan. This is an example of the double bottom line, in which they must make ends meet financially, while maximizing their social impact. This allows IA to put its resources directly towards its mission.

Most of the revenues generated by IA come from the program fees that participants pay to be a part of the volunteer operations. The program fees are divided between the host NGO to help fund the project the volunteer will be engaged in, administrative and operating costs, and donations to a partner organization, HelpArgentina.24 In an effort to be self-sustaining, IA has also established a venture capital fund, which invests both capital and time into projects.

1. Create a chart highlighting Insight Argentina's inputs, activities, outputs, out-comes, and impacts.

2. Which performance metrics are most appropriate for Insight Argentina to measure its social value? Why?

Reference no: EM13960426

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