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Message: case can be from another book or find online. Alternatively, you may develop your own case. You may create a case that is totally fictional or one that is based on your own experience or the experience of someone you know or know of.

If you choose a case that is in the news, but you author the case itself by writing and presenting the case description, then this will count as a case that you have created.

Note: if you use a case based on real life but one that is not public knowledge, then you must follow the "Ethical Guidelines for Case Studies" in the Course Manual.Choose and clearly articulate a professional ethics issue that pertains to your chosen case and the professional(s) involved in the case specifically. The issue should be important and reasonably controversial.

Write an ethical analysis of the case, focusing on the issue you choose by considering any relevant facts, ethical values and principles as well as the consequences of the different possible resolutions to the ethical issue that you have identified. You may use the ethical theories in your analysis if applicable but this is not necessary.

Your goal is to provide an analysis that would defend a resolution that is the most satisfactory from a moral perspective. The strategy is to discuss, evaluate and compare the pros and cons of each different possible resolution by examining considerations that have bearing on determining which resolution is best from an ethical point of view.

This assignment is different from Assignment 4, the critical essay, insofar as your discussion will be limited to the specific details and individuals in the case. This is your opportunity to apply what you have learned to a concrete real life situation. Applying philosophical analysis to a real life situation will also help to prepare you to discuss more general topics in professional ethics and engage in more abstract philosophical reasoning for Assignment 4, the critical essay.

The grading scheme (below) that will be applied to your case study analysis depends on whether you use a ready-made case or create your own. This allows your tutor the flexibility needed for the two different, but equally legitimate and worthy, ways you could approach this assignment P.S. the chose case must be different from the others.

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This paper talk’s about professional ethical and how we need to describe an incident where professional ethics play a major rile. It describes what are the reasons and any one incident which can harm professional ethics. It also talks about the various resolutions and strategies that can be applied to overcome it. Moreover it describes the best strategy out of all of them and justifies it based on the professionalism that we consider as being the most important aspect. The paper has been prepared in Microsoft word and is of 1800 words.

Reference no: EM131009538

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