Cost performance index and the estimated cost at completion

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The work on an IT project is uniformly distributed over the project duration of 12 months. The total approved budget for the project is $720,000. At the end of the first quarter, 1/3rd of the project work is complete at a cost of $220,000. Determine the schedule variance, the cost performance index and the estimated cost at completion for the project.

Reference no: EM131366736

Describe how technology impacts organizational culture

Compose a persuasive 500-700 word essay linking organizational technology, value, and strategy. You may use real-life organization you have researched (or worked for) in order

Healthcare is indeed the most complex business

Does it not just boggle your mind that there are 33+ governmental agencies (FDA, EPA, HS, NIH, etc.) that regulate the healthcare industry? More than any other industry making

Transnational solution suggests that technical and marketing

Organizing for Worldwide Effectiveness: the Transnational Solution" suggests that technical and marketing functions be integrated within each subsidiary of any organization.

Keep costs low while maintaining quality service

As the owner of a pizza delivery restaurant, you are constantly looking for ways to keep costs low while maintaining quality service. Because your profit margins are thin, you

Develop game plan

After going over this module’s readings, develop a game plan for a company in today’s new business environment. Describe specific steps that the organization can take to impro

Is location critical aspect of a company culture

Define what constitutes an organization's culture. Is location a critical aspect of a company’s culture? Why or why not? Respond to the posts of your classmates. Ask questions

What are the annual holding costs for the workbooks

William Beville's computer training school, in Richmond, stocks workbooks with the following characteristics: Calculate the EOQ for the workbooks. What are the annual holding

Optimal production of benches is and optimal production

The Outdoor Furniture Corporation manufactures two products, benches and picnic tables, for use in yards and parks. The firm has two main resources: its carpenters (labor forc


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