Corporate social responsibility in the industry
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Below are some Project ideas you can use for establishing the topic of your Project.

The list contains two types of projects. There are Project ideas for those of you who have easy access to an organisation. There are also other Project ideas that may appeal to those of you who are between jobs or who, for some reason or other, cannot access an organisation for the Project.


Some possible projects within an organisation include:

• Evaluating the effectiveness (or ‘the implementation') of AAA initiative (or process): the case of XXX organisation.
• The feasibility of introducing AAA product/service: the case of XXX organisation.
• Identifying key success factors for AAA: a case study of XXX organisation.
• Evaluating options for achieving AAA (i.e. a strategy): the case of XXX organisation.
• Improving customer service at XXX organisation with a focus on AAA department (or ‘market segment' or ‘region' or ‘product').
• Developing sustainable practices at XXX organisation: the AAA department (or ‘market segment' or ‘region' or ‘product').


Some possible projects with a broader focus include:

• Corporate social responsibility in the XXX industry.
• The feasibility of introducing AAA product/service into XXX region/country.
• The impact of AAA event (or ‘change') on marketing of XXX product/service.
• Financial performance in the XXX industry - comparing ZZZ and YYY organisations.
• The impact of AAA event (or issue) on BBB product (or ‘industry') in XXX region.
• Meeting the needs of customers of AAA product (or ‘process') in the XXX region.

Scope the Project-

As with any project, defining the scope is perhaps the most important step. This determines what you will do, to what extent, and how it will be done. Remember you only have a few months, so you need to keep the scope of the project realistic and manageable.

You will develop and submit a Project Proposal that needs to be approved before you move on to the next steps of conducting your research, analysing data and writing your report. This is a check point to ensure that you maximise your time and effort in the right direction.

Assessment -

• Step 1: Write and submit your Project Proposal

The Project Proposal should be 1,500 words in length (plus or minus 10%). The structure of the Project Proposal is set out in the section "How to Structure the Project Proposal" and an example of a Project Proposal is available as an Appendix in the MBA Project learning materials.

You will also need to download and submit the Project Proposal Research Ethics Sheet at the same time as your Proposal.

You will have your Project and Ethics approved and will receive feedback on your Proposal. You can't start work on the Project Report until you have received both approvals. You are strongly advised to use any feedback to improve your Project Report.

Step 2: Write and submit your Draft Project Report

The Project Report should be 5,500 words in length (plus or minus 10%) (excluding your cover page, the executive summary, table of contents, list of references and appendices). The structure of the Project Report is outlined in the section entitled "How to Structure the Project Report" and an example of a Project Report is available as an Appendix in the MBA Project learning materials.


There are four distinct phases in the project:

1. Phase 1: Orientation and selection of topic

• Identify a suitable topic for the project. For some inspiration you may want to have a look at some of the topics that have been used by other MBA students for previous projects (see Appendix A in the MBA Project learning materials).

• Please note that if you want to graduate with an MBA specialisation, you are required to complete the project in the area of your specialisation as the project is an intrinsic part of the specialisation.

• Undertake directed reading on case study research or action research relevant to the project.

2. Phase 2: Development of project proposal

• Develop a project proposal and communicate with your project adviser to fine tune the project proposal to an acceptable standard.

• Submit the project proposal to AIB and obtain AIB's approval before starting work on your project.

3. Phase 3: Data collection and analysis

• Collect data for the project in a systematic and ethical manner.

• Analyse the data to identify themes and findings.

4. Phase 4: Development of project report

• Write the draft project report.

• Submit the draft project report for comment and feedback.

• Re-work and improve the project report.

• Submit the project report to AIB.

Textbook - Saunders, M, Lewis, P & Thornhill, A 2016, Research methods for business students, 7th edn, Prentice Hall, London. (Please use the most recent edition of the textbook available.)

1500 words.

8 references.

Attachment:- Assignment.rar

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