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Country Currency Contract $/Foreign Currency

Canada - dollar Spot .8437

30 day .8417

90 day .8395

Japan - yen Spot .004684

30 day .004717

90 day .004781

Switzerland - fran Spot .5139

30 day .5169

90 day .5315

*Converting currency - American business needs to pay (a) 10,000 Canadian dollars, (b) 2 million yen (c) 50,000 Swiss francs to businesses abroad. What are the dollar payments to the different countries?

*Converting currency - American business pays $10,000, $15000, and $20,000 to suppliers in Japan, Switzerland and Canada. How much in local currency do the suppliers receive?

*Indirect quotes - Compute the indirect quote for the spot and forward Canadian dollar, yen and Swiss franc contracts.

*Bid, spot and forward rates - The spreads on the contracts as a % of the asked rates are 2% for yen, 3% for Canadian dollars and 5% for Swiss francs. Demonstrate in a table similar to the one above the bid rates for the different spot and forward rates.

Reference no: EM13116525

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