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Continuous Simulation Assignment

The Hungarian/Greek fusion burritos truck has decided to do a more complete simulation. In this exercise, all you will do is simulate the arrival pattern and the service times.

Arrivals: you estimated customers arrive in a uniform distribution with a minimum of 0 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds between customers. To simulate a uniform distribution, simply multiply the random number by the range (maximum minus minimum) and add that to the minimum. As you will see next time, this simulates the time between arrivals and we can use this to calculate the actual arrival times.

Service: you estimated the service time as an exponential distribution with a mean of 45 seconds. Remember that the inverse formula for the exponential distribution is the natural log (=LN). Take the natural log of the random number and multiply that by the mean of the distribution, remembering to make the whole thing negative.  

Use this data to build the simulation for 90 customers for both arrivals and service time.

Reference no: EM132184517

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