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For 120 consecutive days, a process engineer has measured the temperature of champagne bottles as they are made ready for serving. Each day, she took a sample of 8 bottles. The average across all 960 bottles (120 days, 8 bottles per day) was 46 degrees Fahrenheit. The standard deviation across all bottles was 0.8 degree. When constructing anX-bar chart, what would be the upper control limit?

Reference no: EM131314919

Set of all pareto optimal allocations

The total endowment of good X equals the total endowment of good Y. Alice's utility function is UA(xA,yA) = min{xA,yA} and Bob's utility function is UB(xB,yB) = max{xB,yB}.

Determining the common explanation

Answer the following question; A common explanation for the 2007-08 financial crises is that greedy bankers took advantage of naïve borrowers and engaged in irresponsible bu

Section of the annual report for information

Using the annual report from the company LG, discuss the risks the company faces and the actions they take to mitigate those risks. Refer to the Management Discussion and An

Foreign exchange losses which have the effect

Foreign exchange losses which have the effect of enhancing company revenues and ports. Foreign exchange gains which have the effect of enhancing company revenues and ports.

Explain the persuasive techniques and communication channels

What persuasive techniques and communication channels did you use. Based on this week's lesson, how would you initiate that communication differently, if you were to do it ag

Fewer customers returning items

Best Electronics Inc. offers a "no hassle" return policy. The number of items returned per day follows the normal distribution. The mean number of customer returns is 10.3

What significance test would you use and why

2Q Suppose you are a gym owner and you want to know if the average spent in the gym varies according to client's agents age. You classify your clients into three groups :

Pepsi invited consumers to take the pepsi challenge

Pepsi invited consumers to take the Pepsi Challenge.  Pepsi was interested in determining what factors played a role in people's taste preferences.


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