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1. Woodburn Ltd. makes a television table that sells for $50 per unit. It has variable costs of $30 per unit and incurs fixed costs of $100,000 per period. Construct the break-even chart for this operation and determine the sales value that the firm will have to reach if it is to make $20,000 profit per period. Fully label your diagram.

2. A company makes a product with a selling price of $20 per unit and variable costs of $12 per unit. The fixed costs for the period are $40,000. What is the required output level to make a target profit of $10,000?

3. A sampling plan is desired to have a producer's risk of 0.05 at AQL = 0.9 percent and a consumer's risk of 0.10 at LQL = 6.5 percent nonconforming. find the single sampling plan that meets the consumer's stipulation and comes as close as possible to meeting the producer's stipulation.

Reference no: EM132185190

Environmental and organizational factors

Describe "enterprise environmental factors" that must be understood to ensure that a project is successful and stays on schedule. Explain the organizational influences that mi

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Pick only one scenario below and decide what your reaction as an innovation consultant would be in the situation you chose. Relate your response to any research or searchs. In

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What kind of corporate-level strategy was pursued by Kacey Fine Furniture? Analyze its missions and goals as well as factors as its line(s) of business and the nature of its s

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Due a complicated process required to set up a machine, Wizard Corporation has decided to produce a product only once a month. Demand occurs at a continuous and constant rate

Removing the contaminated soil from his property.

After living in his home for three years, Roger Nathaniel sold this home to Marc Copland. Nathaniel and Copland hired a pest control company to inspect the home. Despite a tox

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In the battle for dominance of the e-book reader market, Amazon with kindle 2 was ahead of Sony with its Reader Digital Book. Kindle 2 had the biggest number of recent titles

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How were the values of consumer credit/debt and rock ‘n roll seen as threats to the traditional American way of life? Why was religion seen as an effective counter to these an

What is the effective annual rate of interest

A house is for sale for $250,000. You have a choice of two 20-year mortgage loans with monthly payments: (1) if you make a down payment of $25,000, you can obtain a loan with


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