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1. Woodburn Ltd. makes a television table that sells for $50 per unit. It has variable costs of $30 per unit and incurs fixed costs of $100,000 per period. Construct the break-even chart for this operation and determine the sales value that the firm will have to reach if it is to make $20,000 profit per period. Fully label your diagram.

2. A company makes a product with a selling price of $20 per unit and variable costs of $12 per unit. The fixed costs for the period are $40,000. What is the required output level to make a target profit of $10,000?

3. A sampling plan is desired to have a producer's risk of 0.05 at AQL = 0.9 percent and a consumer's risk of 0.10 at LQL = 6.5 percent nonconforming. find the single sampling plan that meets the consumer's stipulation and comes as close as possible to meeting the producer's stipulation.

Reference no: EM132185190

Discuss how the process of variation selection and retention

How do you feel about the prospect of becoming a manager and having to manage a set of relationships with other companies rather than just managing your own company? Discuss. 

Time frame and budgetary requirements

Provide a conclusion and detailed action plan to implement your recommendation on hospital near bankruptcy as to specific activity,person responsible, time frame and budgetary

Phase of the new product development process

To encourage the trial, the marketing team spent 50% of its marketing budget on couponing and another 30% on sampling during which phase of the new product development process

Role of an operations manager

Considering the vital role of an operations manager within a company as well as the benefits of Capacity Management, can you please explain the importance of Cost and Target

Zero safety stock would be advantageous for the organization

What parameters would lead you to believe that (a) large safety stock, (b) small safety stock, and (c) zero safety stock would be advantageous for the organization. Be sure

Potentially cause for the patient

Discuss what might happen when two case managers from different organizations both have responsibility for a patient. Under what circumstances might this occur? What problem

What does it mean to put earnings at risk

What does it mean to put earnings at risk? List the potential costs and benefits of placing a substantial percentage of pay at risk for all employees in the following types of

Difference between individual and organizational ethics

What is the difference between individual and organizational ethics? Why is it important that we understand that difference in a business environment? What are some of the rea


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