Construct required circuit with min number of unit transistr

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An integrated circuit requires two current sources: I1 = 1 mA and I2 = 1.5 mA. Assuming that only integer multiples of a unit bipolar transistor having IS = 3 x 10-16A can be placed in parallel, and only a single voltage source, VB, is available (Fig. 4.54), construct the required circuit with minimum number of unit transistors and determine VB.

Reference no: EM13251906

How many bricks will need to build if gaps is neglected

A brick pathway of 4ft x 12ft has to be built. The standard brick size is 4 in x 6 in. How many bricks will you need to build it if the gaps between brick rows are neglected

Find zo of line

when the line was open-circuited, the measurement yielded an input impedance equivalent to a capacitor with capacitance of 40 pF. Find Zo of line, the phase velocity, and th

Determine the parity-check matrix for the coder

Use the result of the preceding problem to determine the parity-check matrix for the coder shown in Figure 11.15. Use the parity-check matrix to decode the received sequence

Write code-prompts user to enter his or her height in inches

Create a complete C++ program that prompts the user to enter his or her height in inches and outputs the following: Output "Height is six feet or more." when the user's heig

Indicate along the wire the product term it is implementing

Our third word problem case study described a logical "function unit" that computed the eight combinational functions of the inputs A and B: constant 1, A OR B, A NAND B, A

Does the equation uniquely specify the unit sample response

1- for the linear system : Sak y(n-k) = S br x(n-r) , (series a are from k=0 to n ) & ( series b from r=0 to m) a- find H(z) b- does this equation uniquely specify the unit sa

Determine the equivalent capacitence of the combination

a network has a 5-muF capacitence in series with the parallel combination of a 12 mu-F capacitence and an 8mu-F capacitence. Sketch the circuit diagram and determine the equ

Find roll off attenuates frequency components of a lpf

Design a low pass active filter circuit such that its roll off attenuates frequency components at 10 kHz or more by more than 10 dB. Also, it is desired to have the passband


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