Construct break-even chart showing the break-even point

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A company has fixed costs of $300,000 and produces one product with a selling price of $72.00 and a variable cost of $42.00 per unit. The maximum factory capacity is 20,000 units and it anticipates selling 15,000 units. Construct a break-even chart showing the break-even point and the margin of safety at present. Fully label your diagram. How much profit will they make? 1. At the present level of operation? 2. If sales increase to the maximum that the factory can supply?

Reference no: EM132185186

Differ from the business-to-customer market

The customers of your company have started to switch to other competitors. Analyse each and every step of the buying decision process and highlight the steps the company can t

Federal government would like to test the hypothesis

The federal government would like to test the hypothesis that the standard deviation for the age of men filing for Social Security is higher than the standard deviation for th

What was the percentage change in productivity

A parcel delivery company delivered 103,000 packages in 2001 wh r n it's average employment was 84 drivers. In 2002 the firm handled 112,000 delivered with 96 drivers. What wa

Impact ofcombining complex pathophysiologic concepts

Diabetes The goal of this assignment is to illustrate the impact ofcombining complex pathophysiologic concepts using diabetes mellitus as theselected clinical model. Read the

What enviroment conditions influence crime

Alfred Korzybski is credited with the quote, “The map is not the territory.” How does this quote reflect the realities of project planning? What enviroment conditions influenc

Explain a medical service for medical tourism

Identify a local United States business that you will propose should venture into new a new foreign market. (If you are a foreign student, you may use a local business in yo

Can meals catering rescind the contract

Lunch Trucks, Inc., contracts to deliver and serve Meals Catering Service’s products to its clients for $5,000 per event, payable in ad­vance. Meals Catering pays the money, b

Critics vigorously denounce the practice of brand extensions

Some critics vigorously denounce the practice of brand extensions, because they feel that too often companies lose focus and consumers become confused. Other experts maintain


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