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The demand for subassembly S is 90 units in week 7. Each unit of S requires 2 unit of T and 2 units of U. Each unit of T requires 2 unit of V, 1 units of W, and 1 unit of X. Finally, each unit of U requires 1 units of Y and 3 units of Z. ONe firm manufactures all items. It takes 2 weeks to make S, 1 week to make T, 2 weeks to make U, 1 weeks to make V, 3 weeks to make W, 2 week to make X, 2 weeks to make Y, and 2 week to make Z.

In addition to 90 units of S, there is also demand for 30 units of U, which is a component of S. The 30 units of U are needed for maintenance purposes. These units are needed in week 6. Modify the gross material requirement plan to reflect this change.

. a) Using the infomation construct a gross material requirements plan. b) Construct a net material requirements plan of the on-hand inventory.


Reference no: EM13226369

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