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Actual price of postage today is 46 cents for the first ounce and 20 cents for each additional ounce.

1: Construct a linear model which can be used to estimate cost of postage.

2: Use your model to estimate the postage of a package which weighs 250 grams.

3: If you are willing to spend no more than $3.00 on postage for a package, what is the most a package can weigh that you could send on budget? Please show steps.

Reference no: EM131301851

Motivational consequences for average employees

The study found that participants thought performance should be essential or very important in deciding pay. What might be the positive motivational consequences for average

Three major vendors within the united states

Acme's primary raw material is PVC sheet that is produced by three major vendors within the United States. Acme, a small consumer products manufacturer, is consolidating dow

Social network for work-related reasons

Have you ever used a social network for work-related reasons? If so, describe your experience and whether you feel your use of social networking improved your effectiveness

Role of e-commerce in changing organizations design

1. From the case study above, e-Bay is one of the only major Internet "pure plays" to consistently make a profit from its inception. And why has e-bay succeeded online when

Why you think people are tempted to act unethically

Think back to a time when you had a supervisor or coworker who you believe made an unethical decision or exhibited unethical behavior. List at least two reasons why you thin

Functionality of a generic shopping basket

In this exercise, you are asked to write the functionality of a generic shopping basket; you will use this in several subsequent project exercises. Write a set of JSP pages

Calculate for each of the six months

(i) Calculate for each of the six months and the period in total, the total inventory holding costs. (ii) Calculate the total production cost savings made by changing to a JIT

Inventory turnover ratio and days sales in inventory

Sorenson Inc. has sales of $4,056,000, a gross profit margin of 38.55 percent, and inventory of $1,139,000. What are the company's inventory turnover ratio and days' sales i


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