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"Ozzie and Harriet Don't Live Here Anymore" (San Luis Obispo Tribune, February 26, 2002) is the title of an article that looked at the changing makeup of America's suburbs. The article states that nonfamily households (e.g., homes headed by a single professional or an elderly widow) now outnumber married couples with children in suburbs of the nation's largest metropolitan areas. The article goes on to state:

In the nation's 102 largest metropolitan areas, "nonfamilies" comprised 29 percent of households in 2000, up from 27 percent in 1990. While the number of married-with-children homes grew too, the share did not keep pace. It declined from 28 percent to 27 percent. Married couples without children at home live in another 29 percent of suburban households. The remaining 15 percent are single-parent homes.

Use the given information on type of household in 2000 to construct a frequency distribution and a bar chart. (Be careful to extract the 2000 percentages from the given information).

Reference no: EM131010176

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