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Construct a B+ tree for the following set of key value (2,3,5,7,11,19,23,29,31) in ascending order where the pointers that will fit in one node is as follows:A. four B. six C. eight assuming the tree is initially empty and values are in ascending order.

Reference no: EM13735635

Discuss the costs involved in implementing the database

Using the SafeAssign link in Blackboard to submit your report. Download and print out the FULL report and attach to the appendix at the back of your report. Assignments with

Define responsibility for database administration

Write a paper discussing what professional organizations you might join, and websites you might visit, that would provide insight into a career that includes responsibility

Create a schema with appropriate privileges

Create a Schema with appropriate privileges and use the above created (1i)tablespace as default table space - create appropriate tables for the above ER-Diagram by identifying

Practice of optimizing table structures

Database normalization can principally be cleared as the practice of optimizing table structures. Optimization is adapted as a result of a thorough investigation of the nume

Write a query that counts the number of maintenance

Write a query that counts the number of maintenance work orders for each vehicle in the maintenance work order table. Display the vehicle column and the corresponding count

Explain the risks and rewards of such of a move

Your firm wants to move from a relational database model to the REA data model. Explain to your senior management the risks and rewards of such of a move. Be sure to provide

Search for a record based on a particular field value

For each of the following queries, which of the listed index choices would you choose to speed up the query? If your database system does not consider index-only plans (i.e.,

Discuss about the data warehousing design

Create a database schema that supports the company's business and processes. Explain and support the database schema with relevant arguments that support the rationale for t


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