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Pet Supplies Company produces 16-ounce cans of dog food by combining meat by-products, which cost $0.60 per pound, and chicken by-products, which cost $0.35 per pound. Meat by-products are 55% protein and 30% fat by weight, while chicken by-products are 40% protein and 10% fat by weight. To meet customer expectations, the final product should contain at least 50% protein and between 15% and 25% fat by weight. Pet Supplies advertises that each can of dog food has no more than 30% by weight of chicken by-products.

1. Now suppose that each can of dog food sales for $1.50. If the required profit per can is at least $0.65, write the constraint satisfying this objective function. You do not need to resolve for the optimal answer.

Reference no: EM13809559

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