Constraint in coating and sharpening
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Here are the instructions:

Case from the Jiambalvo textbook

Complete individually as an essay or narrative.

Calculations may be necessary to illustrate the issue or to support conclusions

Include an executive summary, overview of situation, issues addressed, suggested resolution, and conclusion.

The overview need not contain a complete restatement of the case, just enough background for a reader not familiar with the case to follow the narrative

Complete in good grammatical form with appropriate business tone and logical narrative flow.


a. What steps can be taken to loosen the constraint in coating and sharpening?

b. Consider Model C210 and Model D400 chisels. Which product shouid be emphasized if the constraint in coating and sharpening cannot be loosened?

c. Focusing only on the Model 010 chisel and the model D400 chisel, what would be the benefit to the firm of gaining one more hour of production time in coating and sharpening?

d. In coating and sharpening, the operator begins by inspecting items that have arrived from the chemical bath. If rough edges or blemishes are detected, the oper-ator smooths and/or buffs the items before actual coat¬ing or sharpening takes place.

Grading will include grammar, sentence structure, paragraph form and structure of the narrative

Paper should be one or two single-spaced pages using 11 pt. font and excluding any titles or supplements

If any sources other than the text book are used, they should be cited appropriately.

Attachment:- case.pdf

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