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Martha has been an employee at ABC company for 8 years. She has consistently been recognized for her solid work and creativity and has been twice promoted. Most recently, Martha received the Impact Award which is the highest recognition that the company bestows and also comes with a $1000 bonus.

Over the last several years, Martha's Christian faith has become more important to her and has requested that she not work on Sunday. Since Sunday is not a pivotal production day, management has determined that not working on Sunday is acceptable. Given Martha's exemplary employment history top management saw no conflict of interest. Recently, Martha has also been reading the Bible only on her breaks and has left it on top of her desk for easy access. Recently, an employee named Drew complained that he was "offended" because he had to see the Bible from the hallway on his way to the cafeteria. He also complained about Martha not working on Sunday. Drew was also off on Sunday's but felt that a person did not have the right to make such a request. Drew has been with the company 10 years and has been recognized for good performance. As an aside, last year, Drew, Martha and a third employee competed for a promotion of which Martha received.

As a manager how would you address the situation with Martha and Drew? (Explain Specifically)

Reference no: EM13956558

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