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Angels Inc. is considering bringing the garage fabrication process (which is currently outsourced) in-house. If garage fabrication were brought in-house, the factory would be structured as follows. Roofs are punched in a roof punching press (10 minutes per roof) and then formed in a roof forming press (5 minutes per roof). Bases are punched in a base punching press (10 minutes per base) and then formed in a base forming press (15 minutesn per base), and the formed base is welded in a base welding machine (5 minutes per base).

The base sub-assembly and the roof then go to final assembly where they are welded together (10 minutes per garage) on an assembly welding machine to complete the garage. Assume one operator at each station.

(a) Draw a process flowchart of the process.

(b) What is the minimum time required to produce a garage (from starting an order to finishing it)?

(c) What is the capacity of the factory in terms of garages per hour?

(d) If you want to increase the capacity, what is the stage that you would put some additional resources?

Reference no: EM131156999

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