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Two advertising media are being considered for promotion of a product. Radio ads cost $500 each, while newspaper ads cost $600 each. The total budget is $11,600 per week. The total number of ads should be at least 15, with at least 6 of each type. Each newspaper ad reaches 6,000 people, while each radio ad reaches 2,000 people. The company wishes to reach as many people as possible while meeting all the constraints stated. How many ads of each type should be placed?

Formulate the linear program and determine the number of each type of ad.

Reference no: EM13778858

Planning to expand its production capabilities

A manufacturer of X products (food) is planning to expand its production capabilities via a new factory. They are trying to choose amongst the following cities for it: Mt. Ver

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What are the three sources of competitive advantage unavailable to domestic firms but available to international businesses? Which is most important? Is the answer the same fo

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A cigar company stocks Cuban cigars that have variable lead times because of the difficulty in importing the product. Lead time is normally distributed with an average of 4 we

Dominant form of international business activity

Exporting is the dominant form of international business activity. In 2013, the world’s exports of goods and services totalled $24.5 trillion. Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)

What is the interest rate

Suppose a loan payment (principle and interest) is $500 per month and the remaining term is 15 years (180 payments) and the present value of the mortgage is $59,251.76, what i

Project financially feasible

Assume that market rents are $25 per square foot, vacancy and collection loss is 5 percent, and operating expenses are $6.75 per square foot. If the total project costs are $1

What is the cash equivalent price

A property recently sold for $300,000 with a 20 percent down payment. The seller financed the property at 2.5 percent for 30 years. At the time of the sale, market interest ra

What is the insurable value of the property

You have been asked to provide an estimate of value for insurance purposes for a single family home. The house was built in 1985 and is a 2,400 square foot two story home with


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