Consider the various training and development formats

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Consider the various training and development formats described in chapter 8. Which three do you think would be most effective for developing the skills of IT engineers?  Which do you think would be the least effective? Explain your rationale and please conduct research to support your reasoning, citing at least one scholarly resource in APA format.

Reference no: EM131435274

Servant leadership is overrated

You just completed the first topic in your PSC-410 class. You are excited about what you have learned so far. You try to share your excitement with your supervisor and tell hi

Which of the four ps would you prefer to have

If you were marketing a lower cost ($20-$50) product in a highly competitive field, which of the four Ps would you prefer to have an advantage over your competitors, and why

Create a custom table in excel

You will create a custom table in Excel for your chosen project based on the questions you created in the written assignment of this module. Combine the charts on separate sh

Worked for two years as games supervisor at casino

Greg had worked for two years as games supervisor at a casino. His job was to monitor the dealers. He enjoyed his job and he joked around with his boss, Michael, all the time.

Characteristics of adequate controls

Timeliness. The control device should reflect deviations from the standard promptly, at an early stage, so there is only a small time lag between detection and the beginning o

Difference between assertive and aggressive service

Reflect on the difference between assertive and aggressive service. What are differences? Is there a time when one should be used over the other? If so, explain please. Also,

As individuals-employees recognized the problems

"As individuals, employees recognized the problems, but they feared the senior managers were not open to candid discussion" how can we overcome this fear? What should an organ

About the motivation and diversity

Assume you are the manager of a department in an organization. Select three of the theories you learned about this week that you believe will be most useful in managing your s


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